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We Love Tech

We Like People

We Like Experimenting

We Like Making A Difference

We're a charity

We like collaborating with inspired fundraising folk, charities, developers, companies, brands to create new interesting, easy, fun ways to encourage people to support great causes.

You can get in touch by emailing us at change@thegivinglab.org or calling on 0844 324 6010

Find out more about what we've been working on in our research.


We help charities, developers and companies innovate, be more effective and make a bigger difference. We help charities understand audiences and their needs, design and deliver new services and fundraising products and measure and increase their effectiveness.


We also have a great range of creative brains, experience, designers and smart people who want to make a difference. Our creative team are bursting with good ideas and experience to help make your ideas come to life.


This is all possible thanks to the inspired and generous people at NESTA, Nominet Trust, Comic Relief, Pears Foundation, Baring Foundation, Garfield Weston Foundation and Seren Partners.